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Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment can be a daunting and time consuming process for employers.

But don't worry!

男人和女人上床的视频 can take care of the whole process. We ensure compliance with all legislative deadlines, avoiding fines and penalties for you and your company.

Our auto enrolment service will:

  • Assess your workforce.
  • Produce the appropriate letters for you to issue to your employees at each stage in the process.
  • Advise you on which pension schemes are currently available and set up a scheme with your chosen provider. We can also use your existing scheme if you have one already.
  • Enrol your employees, on your predetermined staging date, into the pension scheme as required.
  • Complete the declaration of compliance on your behalf and file this with The Pension Regulator, before the statutory deadline.
  • Process all your opt-in and opt- out requests on each payroll processing date.

At 男人和女人上床的视频 we also provide you with an ongoing pension reporting and monitoring service. After processing your employee pension payments we will prepare a file for electronic submission direct to your pension provider. We can submit this file on your behalf and provide you with a full report..

Auto enrolment legislation dictates your employees are monitored over every payroll processing period, to ensure that anyone reaching the earnings threshold are assessed and processed accordingly. At 男人和女人上床的视频 we'll carry out the monitoring for you to ensure that all pension rules are complied with, so you don't have to.